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Implant Courses

Implant Courses

We are proud to announce that Smiles Radlett has been selected to help train the next wave of dentists looking to improve their competitive advantage, job satisfaction and patient experience through the Dental Routes Certificate in Dental Implantology 2022.

Our very own Dr Darshan Boindala will be the local mentor for delegates in the London and South East area and will oversee the planning, placement and restoration of three implant cases at the end of the taught programme. 

Designed for those taking their first steps into the field of implantology, the Dental Routes Certificate course offers a blend of practical sessions and online learning alongside mentor-led local support, to guide its delegates from a comprehensive, independent introduction to implantology all the way through to surgical placement of their first implant.

During the practical sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to work with and learn about a range of implant systems and understand the decision-making process behind selecting a system that works effectively.

The holistic programme and wide range of clinical and business perspectives delivered by the speakers and mentors are already proving to be an attractive proposition for students. According to Course Director, Dr Nigel Saynor, “teaching on a number of courses over the years has made me appreciate the value of access to a diverse range of tutors with real clinical experience.” 

Any general dental practitioner in the London or South East area looking to get into this exciting field should contact our Education Coordinator, Ruby Kenward on +44 7830 814625 or [email protected].

To find out more about the course or download a prospectus, visit: www.dentalroutes.org/implantology

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