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Crowns & Onlays Radlett

Crowns or onlays are an ideal way to rebuild teeth, which have been broken, or have been weakened by decay or a very large filling. The crown fits right over the remaining part of the tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape and contour of a natural tooth. An onlay sits on the top of the tooth and does not cover the entire tooth.

Crowns are sometimes known as ‘caps’. An ‘Anterior Crown’ is a crown fitted to one of the front teeth.

Why consider dental crown treatment in Radlett?

1. The tooth may have been weakened by a very large filling
2. You may have discoloured fillings and would like to improve the appearance of the tooth
3. You may have had a root filling which will need a crown to protect it
4. You may have had an accident and damaged the tooth

What are crowns made of?

Crowns are made from a variety of materials and new materials are being introduced all the time. Porcelain bonded to precious metal is the most common type of material used for crowns. It features a layer of porcelain applied to a precious metal base.

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